I am a sophomore at Colorado State University and I am majoring in Computer Science. As part of my curriculum, I have been taking classes such as Introduction to Programming, Digital Circuit Logic, and Object Oriented Problem Solving. I am able to learn new concepts very quickly; given any challenge, I will find a way to complete it to high standards.

Currently, I am employed as a Lab Technician for Engineering Network Services on campus. This position allows me to streamline processes and fix longstanding issues across the entire College of Engineering. I am one of the coders for the Labs group, as well. I have three years of experience with customer service, enabling me to see issues from both the client and service provider viewpoints in order to make sure that I can create the best possible experience.

Ever since I was little, I have been fascinated by computers and the way they work, leading me to choose my major so I could create these things that amazed me. Coding comes completely naturally to me and I absolutely love it. I strive for doing the impossible and the unique, and doing it well. Above all, I am passionate about technology and innovation and I want to create something new and incredible through my work.